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This Page is dedicated to answering questions and resolving problems in Source Filmmaker. If you have an issue or question that you cannot find else where on the site, feel free to ask on this page's Talk Page but follow the Guidelines listed below.

Guildlines Edit

1. Sign ALL your comments and questions, even if you don't have an account.

2. Ask questions in the Talk Page. Do not edit the Article Page.

3. Look for a solution else where on the site before asking here. If you cannot find the answer, you may ask here.

4. Please use correct spelling, puncuation, and grammar when asking or answering a question. It makes it easier to understand what you are talking about.

5. Be as clear as possible when asking a question. Please use Question when refering to something that isn't vital to using Source Filmmaker and Issue when refering to something that is vital. Posting a YouTube Video of the problem can help a lot.

6. Do not waste our time. If we find a question that is found else where on the site or just plain "stupid", it will be ignored and/or deleted.

7. Be patient. Since this site is not filled with users, it may take some time before someone notices your question.

Issues & Solutions Edit

Question: Ever since May 18, 2013, SFM has been starting up, but won't open when I click on the window! When I hover my mouse over it, it either shows a bunch of numbers of a white screen, not even the resolution of SFM! How do I fix this?

Models and Props (This bit has been griefed! Will be repaired soon!) Edit

Question: How do I create/spawn props/models?

Question: How do I make an Object Larger or smaller.

Answer: You right click on the model, in the model list to the right. And press "add scale controls to transform". Then find the appropriate transform flex and scale.

Question: Not all of the props I inserted into my SDK-made map display in SFM.

Question: I used to be able to spawn models just fine, now I literally cannot spawn any. (Failed to load model/s)

Question: How do I add the Femscout into SFM?

Answer: It's simple, download the model from the internet and put it into this destination: *your path*\steam\steamapps\common\SourceFilmmaker\game\tf.

Question: For some reason, whenever I press CTRL to look at a character model's bones, they just don't appear. It worked before I saved it, but now it just shows their pelvis as the only place I can click! Clicking it does nothing, except for bringing me into the Element Viewer. I tried adding in a new character model, but the same problem is still present! And it doesn't matter whether or not I'm on Select, Move, Rotate or Screen, as it just refuses to work at all. Any fixes?


Issue: I have a lot of Purple/Black "Error" Materials on many things that were fine not too long ago!

Solution: I will asume that you have already tried using Met48's Custom Map Fix Script. This was probably caused by Valve's Meet the Sniper Models that were added in-game. The model's materials have been locked from being edited via Script. This was a personally difficult for me to fix myself but I found 2 solutions.

  • 1. Copy the Python Script into every sub-folder of the Materials Folder and run them individualy.
  • 2. Delete everything in the Team Fortress 2\tf\materials\models\props_movies folder and run the Main Script again.

Either way you will have the other materials back but still have the Meet the Sniper Models with Error textures.

Issue: The eyes of the characters are missing and the mouths are not moving to what they say, can't seem to find a way to fix it!

Multiplayer Edit

Question: Is there a way I can play with another person, in Source Filmmaker, so that I can record things?

Answer: Yes! If you are connected via LAN cable with them, once you start up SFM follow these steps:

  • For the guy Joining the Friend
  • 1. Hit F10 & F11 to bring yourself to the what looks like the Last Point of Dusbowl.
  • 2. Press ~ to open up console (I'll asume you have it enabled). This will allow you to see the Menu Buttons.
  • 3. Click "Join Server" or what ever it may be.
  • 4. Click the LAN Tab and join your Friend
  • For the Guy who's Friend is Joining them.
  • 1. Hit CTRL + L and choose a map.
  • 2. Wait for friend to join.

Question: Isn't there a way so that we can play over long distances?

Answer: Well, yes. There are 2 ways. One is through a server that one of you is running, but this is very complicated. The other way is by using Tunngle. Tunngle will make it so your are kind of using LAN. Here's a Guide to connecting with a friend using Tunngle:

  • 1. Download, Install, and Register Tunngle. By register, I mean register on their Website.
  • 2. Once you both have it up and running, in the search bar enter "Source", without the quotes. Duh.
  • 3. You should see several "Lobbies". I usually choose Source Mods or what ever, but it doesn't matter what lobby you enter, or rather what game it involves but it does help to find an uncrowded lobby. Both of you must be in the same lobby.
  • 4. Now that your in the Lobby, look for your friend's username and launch Source Filmmaker as normal.
  • 5. Follow the Guide to LAN grouping above for the remainder of connecting.

I am very serious when I say: "Tunngle is like motherf*cking magic!"

Miscellaneous/None of the AboveEdit

Question: For some reason, when I run SFM and the secondary viewport and the animation set editor (two tools I became very used to as I was being acclimated with SFM) have mysteriously disappeared. I can't find a console command to re-open them and they will not open with any methods that I have tried. In the instance of Animations Set Editor I tried opening it by clicking the Animations Set Editor button on the Windows tab at the top, however nothing happens. It acts as if I never clicked it. I even set a keyboard shortcut which I triple-checked not to be occupied, and that keyboard shortcut doesn't do anything either. I looked up some console commands but the SFM would not recognise them, and I don't have the time to figure out where to insert the appropriate scripts. I don't have the time to redownload SFM either. What do I do?

Question:Everytime i open the file, it has 0:00 or no duration in the movieplayer thus it wont move. where did i go wrong?

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