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Knupdate: 7/20/12Edit

As of July 2012, the Source Filmmaker is officially released on Steam, thus, the older method of obtaining it is no longer needed, you can download it for free from, Steam now by clicking here.

Installing and configuringEdit

Download for free from the Steam store.

Now, launch the game at least one time, load up any old map, then close the beta. Edit the properties again. This time, add:

-window -noborder -novid -tools

Once these parameters are added to the shortcut, you should end up with a beautiful SFM window filling up your game window! If a dialog box pops up with a bunch of coding and .dll gibberish when loading the beta or loading a map, just click ok, it has no effect on the program or gameplay. After that, you're done!

What you'll encounterEdit

Menial SFMEdit

The user must record what they do on a listen server onto shots. The user can choose what to record on the recording dialog. A user can selectively record "puppets" (models), sounds, particles, and their view onto shots. Puppets, sounds, and particles append straight onto the clip, while "their view" will simply alter any existing camera onto the shot...

Shots have cameras. These cameras control the "viewpoint" in Filmmaker mode (vs. in-game, except for Progressive Refinement) and you can therefore tack things on like color correction, or field of view, etc..

At this point you may stop. If you want glorified demos you've hit the spot.

Source Filmmaker Help and SolutionsEdit

If you are having problems with SFM or have a question, you will need to reset your computer for it to work. the best place to ask would be at the Source Filmmaker Help and Solutions Page.

Please follow the Guidelines before doing anything.

The SFM in-depthEdit

Getting AroundEdit

Filming & EditingEdit



Tips & TricksEdit

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