Nope neckextended

Image from very popular SFM video, nope.avi

Here, you'll find tutorials and videos made with SFM.


case our walls of text are too big or our rain, you can refer to this nifty little pot for all our justified lazy ds! (YOU THINK THIS IS A GAME???)

Source Film Maker Tutorial04:57

Source Film Maker Tutorial

Source Film Maker Tutorial 2 - Animation04:29

Source Film Maker Tutorial 2 - Animation

Source Film Maker Tutorial 4 - Lip Sync05:45

Source Film Maker Tutorial 4 - Lip Sync

Source Film Maker Tutorial 3 - Moving Cameras04:25

Source Film Maker Tutorial 3 - Moving Cameras

General SFM VideosEdit

Here, you'll find the random funny, dramatic, or breathtaking videos made in SFM by others. ------------- Scout will never learn! ------------- Heavy broke his finger ------------- Heavy needs a job ------------- Flying snipers ------------- You Ain't Got No Pancake Mix! (Source Film Maker) ------------- Put sentry here ------------- Nope.wmv ------------- turn left! with lights lol ------------- Team fortress 2 - Multiple me's! Source film maker ------------- That sneaky Heavy ------------- We need a dispenser right here. ------------- Sniperlapse ------------- Doctor Freeman ------------- That Spy With a Head That Telescoped ------------- Meet The Flagcarrier ------------- March of the Heavy Giraffes ------------- Meet the Spycrab ------------- Need a dispenser here! ------------- Thank's for standin' still, wanker! ------------- Well dont that beat all.avi ------------- Damnit ------------- The Scout Update 2 (Source Film Maker Project) ------------- Get down from there ------------- Pyro.avi ------------- Bonk's Edge: Gameplay Chase Trailer (SFM) ------------- And of course, the trademark nope of the entire SFM industry. ------------- Scout has a temper --------------- Sniper is a cat  --------------- Meet the Femscout

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